Everything you need to know about Balance Boards

Do balance boards really work?

What is a Balance Board?

Balance Boards are fun fitness tools that improve coordination, core strength, and mobility. People of all shapes, sizes, ages, and experience levels benefit from using a Balance Board.

A balance board consists of a flat top (deck) with a separate cylinder-shaped implement at the bottom (roller), making the deck unstable. Maintaining balance while standing on the balance board requires you to move your body and shift your weight accordingly, making it challenging! This is a great workout that will really test your motor skills.

Balance Boards are highly versatile pieces of fitness equipment. As you advance your skills, you can begin learning new tricks and fun movements. You can adapt squats, planks, pushups, and more to your board, keeping each session exciting and unique! 

Huku Boards are fully portable and suitable for use on any flat surface. Our Boards are water resistant, so take yours outside and enjoy nature when the weather is good. Our boards are perfect for getting friends and family around for fun in the comfort of your own living room.

Difference between a Balance Board and a Wobble Board

Balance Boards and Wobble Boards provide similar benefits, but their characteristics are slightly different. Depending on the board, Balance Boards only let you move in a linear direction. However, Wobble Boards allow front-to-back, side-to-side, and circular movement. 

Using a Balance Board requires a board and a roller. Wobble Boards are smaller, more compact, and do not require a roller. A Wobble Board consists of a flat top with a dome-shaped centre at the bottom, making it unstable.

A Wobble Board is the perfect choice for beginners or intermediates, but a Balance Board is more suitable for advanced practitioners. 

Wobble Boards are ideal for travelling or the office. Get some balance training in while you work! 

Who can use a Balance Board?

People of all ages and fitness levels can benefit from a Balance Board. Balance Boards offer a form of low-impact exercise which is perfect for the elderly. It will keep you active and healthy without overstressing your skeletal system. There is now no reason to stop being active as you age. 

Huku products are also excellent for those who work from home. Use our wobble board, the Huku Lár, while standing at your desk to improve your posture and coordination while working! The Lár will help counteract any problems you may have from sitting too long. Get the best of both worlds! Standing on the Lár will increase blood flow, helping you avoid the 3 pm slump. 

Our life can be quite busy at times. It can be hard to fit exercise into our schedules. Our balance boards are fully portable, letting you do a quick workout no matter where you are. Bring your board to work, the beach, or the park when the sun is out! 

Finding activities to keep the kids entertained can also be difficult, especially on cold winter nights. Why not get your kids involved and set them up with healthy habits for a happy life? The Huku Ulu Balance Board is a specialised product for children aged 6 and up. This board combines all the benefits of a balance board with a fun game, developing problem-solving skills while enhancing coordination and proprioception. These skills will improve a child’s daily life and mental focus and boost sports performance. The Ulu is a great way to get the family together for quality bonding time!

Sports Performance

Our products are popular among athletes in various sports. Balance Boards are the ultimate training tool for anyone who practises snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding, and other board sports. The benefits gained from a balance board carry over into other activities giving you an advantage in your chosen field. Huku products are also used by athletes in sports such as football, tennis, running, cycling, and golf, to mention a few. 

Focusing on mobility is crucial for sports performance and can give you the cutting edge over competitors. Critical areas include the ankles, knees, hips, and shoulders. Improving mobility in these areas will give you an advantage in your next game or event. 

Building core strength is also crucial for athletic performance. A strong core allows you to maintain the correct body position and generate power for movements such as throwing a ball, swinging a tennis racket, or throwing a punch in the boxing ring. Improving core stability also reduces the likelihood of picking up an injury. 

Huku Balance Boards allow you to improve mobility and build core strength while having fun!

Reduce Pain

Do you suffer from low back pain? We have the perfect tool for you! Lower back pain can often be attributed to weak glutes. Huku Balance Boards help to strengthen these important muscles, helping you reduce those aches and pains in your back. 

Huku Balance Boards are an excellent choice for pain reduction and injury rehabilitation. They build core strength which is crucial for maintaining good posture. In turn, this will help reduce aches and pains all over your body. It will also help reduce the likelihood of injury in the future by building strength in the muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Best of all, you can do it in the comfort of your own home. 

Physical therapists and professional athletes include the Huku Lár Wobble Board in their rehabilitation programmes. It is the ideal implement for rehabbing the knees, ankles, and hips. The Lár helps to target often neglected muscles that are crucial for correct body alignment. 

If you are unsure which Huku Balance Board is best for you, take our quiz and find out! 


In a nutshell, Balance Boards and Wobble Boards are excellent for building core strength which will improve your posture, reduce back pain, and boost sports performance. They also help with injury recovery and prevention while being great funEveryone can benefit, from beginner to advanced, office worker to board rider, and from young to old. 

All Huku products are designed to ensure a balance between fitness and fun! Jumping on your Huku Board will brighten your mood and quickly become your favourite part of the day. We take a holistic approach toward health, highlighting the importance of mental and physical well-being.

By supporting Huku, you are supporting a sustainable, ethical brand. We believe in producing quality products that are friendly to the environment. Huku Balance Boards are handmade to the highest standards possible using natural materials. Our Wooden Balance Boards are a more sustainable option than plastic alternatives. We plant a tree for every product ordered and offset the Co2 emissions from our website! All of our boards come with a lifetime guarantee, ensuring a lifetime of fitness and fun!

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