Huku workout tutorial with Anthony Clavin

Huku workout tutorial with Anthony Clavin

Anthony Clavin runs Wild Way CrossFit in Galway and is Huku’s ambassador in the West.



With his Huku Original ramping up workouts for himself and his fast-growing and dedicated client base, we had a quick chat with Anthony before he devises three workouts for you to enjoy with your own Huku Board.  



There are elements of this workout that may not be in your skill zone just yet but working on them will bring a lot of joy to the training you do on your Huku board. For example say you cant do the jumps, then designate 30 seconds to work on that during your workout and when the time is up go back to what you can do so that your getting a good workout in and getting a small bit of skill work too!



Good luck folks, any questions get at me on insta and tag me in your vids. I love to see people getting a workout in and having fun.


Happy balancing.


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