Balance training for runners

Balance training for runners

The importance of balance for running

Good balance is very important for runners of all levels, but it is an often overlooked aspect of training. When running, we never have both feet in contact with the ground. Running requires us to remain stable and balanced while on one leg. The faster you run, the more difficult it can be to stay balanced. Your ability to stay upright can be impacted by poor balance combined with forward momentum. This can lead to unwanted falls that may cause injury. The surface you run on also plays a big part. It is harder to stay balanced running on an uneven surface than on a flat surface. 

Poor balance and injury 

Poor balance while running can lead to trips and falls, which can result in injuries. It can also result in muscular imbalances as some muscles need to overcompensate for others. Running with the correct technique can reduce the likelihood of injury. However, many runners are off balance when they run without realising it. This can lead to repeated injuries to the hamstrings and calves, among other places. Incorporating balance training into your routine can reduce the likelihood of experiencing these injuries.

Balance training for runners

There are various exercises that runners can perform to improve their balance. The exercises should be done regularly to see optimal results. Ron Lawrence, a Californian neurologist, says that we can lose up to 75% of our balance between the ages of 25 to 75. John Blievernicht, president of the Institute for Sports, Health, and Fitness in Flagstaff, Arizona, recommends starting from the ground up by focusing on single-leg balance. A good exercise for beginners is standing barefoot on one leg and holding this position for up to 30 seconds. This will help you get comfortable with single-leg balance which is crucial for running. Farmer's walks are another excellent idea. It involves carrying weights in one or both hands and walking while maintaining an upright position. Yoga and Pilates are also good options that can be incorporated into your workout routine. 

Balance Boards for runners

Balance Boards are a versatile tool that can help improve running performance. They can help enhance balance while simultaneously boosting proprioception, core strength, and mobility. The Huku Original is a great choice for runners. It is an all-rounder board with a wider deck that allows you to adapt movements such as pushups and squats to the board. The Huku Lár is also an excellent choice. It can help improve stability by strengthening crucial joints, ligaments, and muscles. It is also great for injury rehabilitation and prevention. The Lár is perfect for single-leg balance training, which is critical for running. 


Balance is a very important aspect of running that is often overlooked by runners of all levels. Running requires good balance as you never have both feet on the ground simultaneously. Poor balance can lead to injury through muscular imbalances and trips or falls. Correct technique while running can reduce the likelihood of injury but adding additional balance training can be helpful. There are lots of exercises that can be utilised. Balance boards are a great choice as they can help improve balance while simultaneously enhancing other skills and attributes needed for running.