Our story

We are designers, makers, board riders and advocates for the environment. That's why all of our products are made using only natural, sustainable materials.

Huku creates the finest balance products in the world, treating each and every item as if it were a custom piece of furniture designed and made to last a lifetime. We back this up with our lifetime guarantee which is something we are extremely proud of!

Irish workshop

Strength and balance

Our boards are designed to aid you in developing better balance, coordination, and core strength, as well as having fun!

Adding a balance board into your daily routine or training session adds a dynamic workout to your day and helps get your blood flowing which can help you feel more alert throughout the day.

Whatever your goals, the Huku Balance range can help you achieve them!

Made with care

Yes, plastic is cheap, but is it worth it? We certainly don’t think so.

In Huku, we believe that if a product can be made from renewable and sustainable material, then it should.

The texture, the strength and the beauty of the wood will always win over plastic in our hearts! So every product we design and make will have a material that comes from nature and can return to nature.

Our workshop

Our workshop is located in an old building on the north west coast of county Donegal, Ireland

Handmade in Donegal, Ireland

Original balance boards since 2008, built by hand in Donegal, Ireland.

Huku is made up of talented designers, carpenters, and cabinet makers. Each of us has worked on projects that require very high standards of workmanship throughout the years.

In our minds, our products are no different than a beautiful piece of furniture, so we make them to the same standards.