Balance Boards for snowboarding

Snowboard training

When is snowboarding season?

We are currently in the snowboarding season! In Europe, the snowboarding season generally lasts from the end of November to the beginning of April. Some resorts, such as those in Finland, stay open for longer. This blog post will give you tips on how balance boards can keep you in optimal shape during the season. The tips will also be helpful during the off-season, ensuring you have an excellent start to the next season!

What skills does snowboarding require?

Snowboarding can be quite complex for those starting the sport. There are lots of different skills that you need to develop for successful board-riding performance. Snowboarding requires you to learn how to bend your knees, engage your core and maintain balance. Conquering these skills requires consistent practice, but we don't always have access to the snow slopes! This is why balance boards are a great idea. You can practise these skills without even leaving your house!

How does a Balance Board improve snowboarding skills?

Balance Boards allow you to develop your skills throughout the year. You no longer need to depend on the seasons and the weather!  Some examples of these skills will be listed below alongside an exercise that can help!


As the name implies, balance boards are an excellent way to improve balance. Balance is key to snowboarding as you try to stay upright and not fall over. 

Exercise: Cross-stepping is an extremely beneficial exercise that will help boost your balance skills! It is a practical movement that carries over into most board sports.

Core strength 

Balance Boards are excellent for building strength and stability in the core muscles. A balance board offers an unstable surface, requiring you to engage your core muscles to maintain balance. Good core strength helps to keep the body in correct alignment while standing, which will carry over to the slopes. 

Exercise: Planks are an awesome core exercise that can be adapted to a balance board.

Posture correction

You need correct posture for many sports, snowboarding included. Balance Boards help you target often neglected muscles that are crucial in supporting good posture. They also build strength all over the body, reducing the risk of muscular imbalances.

Exercise: Performing a squat requires using various muscles all over the body, especially those in the posterior chain. These are crucial for maintaining good posture.

Injury prevention and rehabilitation

Injuries can result in time away from the sport. Minimising the risk is essential. A balance board can help strengthen specific muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments that are critical in staying injury free, as they help improve stability in the body. 
A good rehabilitation programme is key when coming back from an injury. Balance Boards are great for rehabbing areas such as the knees, ankles, and hips

Exercise: Many athletes use a balance board for injury rehabilitation and prevention. You should consult a physical therapist as they will supply you with a programme that most suits your needs.

Which Balance Board should I choose?

The Huku Nalu Combo is the ultimate choice for snowboarders, surfers, and other board riders. It comes with two rollers, which allow you to roll in both orientations. The ultra-long roller lets you ride heel-to-toe, which mimics movement from surfing and snowboarding. This gives you the perfect opportunity to practise cross-stepping and other heel-to-toe motions. All this without the need to get out on the slopes! Huku Boards are made from sustainable natural materials. They also come with a lifetime guarantee, helping you with snowboarding for years to come!


Snowboarding is a complex sport which involves various important skills. Developing these skills requires practice, but getting out on the slopes is only possible during certain times of the year. Balance Boards are a great implement that snowboarders should consider incorporating into their training routines. The benefits are numerous. They help increase balance, core strength, and stability. They also are great for injury rehabilitation and the prevention of future injuries. The Huku Nalu Combo is the best choice as it allows for movement in both orientations. The long roller allows board riders to work on their cross-stepping exercises. Huku Boards are made from quality materials, reflected in the lifetime guarantee.


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