Lifetime warranty

We at Huku Balance stand by our boards 100%, however, we are aware that there may be a rare occasion where you may have an issue with your board.

Here are some guidelines which will help you understand what the warranty covers before you email us.

What we won't cover:

  • Severe Impact damage - caused by impact such as throwing your board off a bridge or driving over your board!
  • Water damage - your Hukuboard has several coats of water-based lacquer on it but that won't protect it from being submerged or from daily rain exposure with no drying off afterwards etc..
  • Snapping - because, and not limited to, stair drops, exceeding the recommended weight limit, or improper foot placement when landing

If your situation is not described in the above list, or you believe you have an exceptional case, send your claim to along with photos.

Our return address is:

Huku Balance,
Co. Donegal,
F92 P9Y2