Balance Boards for Kids

Balance Boards for Kids

Benefits of exercise for kids

Regular physical activity helps kids stay in good health. The HSE states that a consistent exercise schedule can help decrease the chances of childhood obesity, reduce the likelihood of conditions such as Type 2 diabetes, and help improve mental health. Parents should aim to get the kids involved in 60 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous activity every day.

There is a wide variety of activities a child can perform depending on their age group. Some good examples include team sports such as GAA or soccer, walking, swimming, and martial arts. Outdoor play in nature is also a great option! Setting a good example for your kids is crucial. Children are more likely to stay active if their parents are active too!

Strength and Balance training for kids

Performing some form of resistance training helps children build strength in their muscles and bones. Gymnastics and bodyweight movements such as pushups and situps are great for building strength. Rope climbing and playground activities such as the monkey bars are also excellent choices! 
Teens can also consider incorporating light weights or resistance bands into their exercise routines. This should always be done under adult supervision. Consult a doctor or physical therapist before starting a new exercise programme.

Including regular balance training can help a child in their everyday life. Improving balance reduces the likelihood of trips and falls that can cause injury. It can also help boost performance in sports . Two balance sessions a week can help athletes improve their postural control and prevent injury, keeping them ready for matches and competitions! Various balance exercises can be chosen. Heel-to-toe walking and step-ups are simple exercises that can be performed at home. Games such as musical statues can test balance too! Balance boards and wobble boards are popular balance tools utilised by people of all ages.

Can kids use balance boards/wobble boards?

Of course! Balance boards and wobble boards are effective forms of balance training for kids. They can help improve various other skills while simultaneously boosting balance. Balance boards and wobble boards help to enhance coordination, proprioception and core strength.

The Huku Ulu is our balance board specifically designed for kids aged 6+. It has an integrated puzzle built into the board, keeping things fun! The board is compact, easily stored and made from environmentally-friendly materials. The kids will enjoy getting their friends around to see who can complete the puzzle in the fastest time!


It is important that kids follow a consistent exercise schedule in order to stay fit and healthy. Regular physical activity has both mental and physical benefits. An effective routine should consist of aerobic activities such as running, strength training such as gymnastics and climbing, and balance training. A balance board is an excellent form of balance training. The Huku Ulu is the perfect board as it combines the benefits of a regular balance/wobble board with a fun puzzle game!

Children playing on balance boards

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