Balance Boards for skateboarding

Person on Skateboard

Skateboarding popularity 

Skateboarding is extremely popular and is currently the sixth most popular sport in the world. There are approximately 85 million practitioners across the globe. Coronavirus lockdowns helped to boost its popularity, with new people taking up the sport and older skaters getting back on their boards. There are now more girls and adults skateboarding than ever before!

What skills are required for skateboarding?

Balance is the most crucial skill when it comes to skateboarding. You will not stay on the board very long if you have poor balance! Improving your balance will help you perform the basics easier while also allowing you to try more advanced tricks. Try to take things slow when learning new tricks. This will help you master the technique and reduce the likelihood of injury.

Do balance boards help with skateboarding? 

Balance boards can help improve various physical traits associated with skateboarding. As the name suggests, balance boards are great for improving balance. They even let you enhance your balance skills without leaving the house! Bad weather sometimes means we can't get on our skateboards, as not all of us have access to indoor skateparks. You can jump on a balance board in the comfort of your own living room!

Increasing muscular strength in important areas of the body can also help with your skateboarding performance. Strengthening the muscles of the core is essential. A strong core will help your balance, coordination and stability on the board.

Muscle memory refers to the neurological process that allows you to recall motor skills and execute them without conscious effort. Muscle memory is learned through repetition. A balance board replicates a skateboard, so the time spent practising on a balance board will carry over when you skate. You can also practise new tricks before trying it out on your skateboard!

Which balance board is best for skateboarding? 

If you have good basic core strength and balance but you're ready to take it a step further, the Huku Original Balance Board is perfect for you. It has a wide face and a large roller to move more freely and practice some tricks.

The Huku Original is designed and shaped to help improve your all-around strength, core stability and balance. It is also a great tool to take your workout to a new level!

If you are new to skateboarding, we recommend the Huku Corefit. It is an excellent way to get started with balance training. The narrower deck allows you to focus more on the basic balance board movements. The roller is also smaller, meaning that the board is closer to the ground, making it easier for you to get started. It will help strengthen important muscles, such as the core, that are crucial for skateboarding

Huku Boards are made from sustainable natural materials. They also come with a lifetime guarantee, helping you with skateboarding for years to come!


Skateboarding is a popular sport, with more adults and girls participating than ever before. It requires the development of a variety of abilities to perform well. Balance boards are an excellent way to improve skills such as balance, coordination, and core strength. These skills can be developed without the need to leave your home! The Huku Original is the perfect balance board for intermediate and advanced skateboarders. We recommend the Corefit for beginners as it is not as challenging but still provides various benefits associated with skateboarding.