Save More with Huku Balance Bundles

    Discover our thoughtfully curated bundles designed to provide everything you need for fitness, wellness, and fun while saving more. Our bundles allow you to get equipped for your balance practice and save money compared to purchasing items individually. 


    Check out our awesome bundles.

    Kids Bundle: The Kids Bundle is an excellent present for kids! Our Kids Bundle comprises the incredible Huku Ulu, an extra bag containing 5 Huku Wooden Marbles, the Ulu Display Stand, and the all-new Lár Dome that lets you transform your Ulu into a Lár and add an exciting challenge to the game!

    Office Bundle: The Office Bundle reduces workday stress and promotes movement with the Huku Lar balance board, Huku Mini Moon Wheel back support, and Cork Peanut Double Ball Massager—wellness for work. It is an ideal combination for a productive and balanced work environment.

    Family Bundle: Get ultimate family bonding with Huku Balance's Family Bundle. This bundle pampers the whole family with the Huku Lar balance board, Huku Ulu kids balance board, Cork Peanut Double Ball Massager, Cork Massage Ball, and display stands. Enjoy shared fitness and bonding time.

    Board Rider Bundle: The Board rider bundle is an ideal package for surfers, snowboarders, wakeboarders, and all board riders. It keeps you competition-ready in the off-season with the Huku Nalu Combo extended roller balance board, Huku Original stability roller, Cork Mat, and display stand. Maintain your edge all year.

    Cork Yoga Set: Whether you're new to yoga or need to refresh your equipment, this set provides the necessary gear. The Cork Yoga Set allows you to practice green yoga with a cork yoga mat, sustainable cork blocks, and massage tools like the Peanut Double Ball Massager.

    All of our bundles empower you to pursue wellness and make the most of your active lifestyle. Our curated products are designed to work together seamlessly. Explore our bundle collections today to find the perfect support for your yoga, fitness, or leisure activity.