What are the benefits of using a balance board?

Balance boards allow you to take your boring workouts to the next level, even during the off-season. Any place, any time, no problem. No matter the sport; Surfing, Snowboarding, Skiing, Skating, or any other sport you can think of... Stay prepared. 

Balance board training helps with joint and muscle pain, helps you recover faster from injuries while also improving mobility, strength, coordination and flexibility in order to prevent injuries in the future. 

People of all skill and age levels can use our balance boards for rehab on the back, ankles, knees, and hips. They are also a great tool for children to help stimulate their development. 

Not to mention ... Balance boards are great FUN!


What is the best balance board for beginners?

The Lár or the Corefit Balance board 

The Lár is less challenging than the original and corefit but you still get an excellent range of uses from it, for example, planks, pushups, bridges and squats. The Lár helps increase the strength of specific muscles, tendons, joints and ligaments. 

The Corefit balance board is also a great option for beginners. It moves in the same way as the original. The only difference is the size of the roller and the deck. It is nearer to the ground which makes it a little easier when getting started and the narrower deck also makes you focus more on the basic general movements and exercises.


 I love surfing and SUP, which board should I choose? 

  The Huku Nalu is the board that we suggest for improving your surfing and SUP. The Nalu combo in particular is an excellent option as it offers two rollers. The original roller and the Nalu roller. Combined, the two types of movements will help you develop a stronger core, better coordination and practising your huku squats, it will help you keep a lower centre of gravity when you are on your board. That is helpful in smaller surf and in getting moving on the wave.


Do you have a balance board for kids?

The Ulu (which means ‘to grow’ in Hawaiian) is our first balance board designed for children from 6 years old, right up to 60 and beyond! (with a weight limit of 150Kg). The Ulu wobble board is a great board to help stimulate your child's development and has a fantastic puzzle game built into the platform of the deck to make it super fun for all.


 I have good basic core strength and balance, which board should I choose?

 The Huku Original is the board for you. It moves in the same way as the corefit but it has a larger roller and larger deck so it’s a little more challenging. As you are further off the ground the deck moves more freely and you can come up with a lot more ways of using it. The wider deck also allows you to move around more freely and try out more tricks. 


I want to use a balance board with my standing desk, which board should I choose?

The Huku Lár is the perfect choice to use at your standing desk. It is the least challenging of our boards so it will allow you to answer phone calls and reply to emails while also increasing the strength of specific muscles, tendons, joints and ligaments. 


Is it useful for me to use a balance board for non-board sports?

Absolutely, balance board training is valuable for all sports such as basketball, gymnastics, soccer, GAA, swimming, hockey etc. Most sports require good core strength, balance, coordination and agility. All can be achieved with the help of a balance board.


Can I use my board barefoot?

Yes absolutely, in fact, we encourage it. Balance training barefoot allows you to have a greater grip on the board and really feel the movements.


Can I use my board indoors & outdoors?

Yes, the great thing about having a balance board is you can do it rain, hail or shine. You can do it on wooden floors, carpet or outside on a flat surface.


Do the Huku balance boards have a non-slip surface?

Yes, we have locally sourced silica sand as the grip on all our Huku boards. 

This grip provides the necessary traction to stop you from slipping while you balance train!⁠


Can I do workouts on my balance board?

Yes, our Huku balance boards are a perfect tool to bring your workouts to the next level. Take a look at our Instagram and Youtube channels for inspiration on how you can incorporate a balance board into your fitness routine!


I want to buy a balance board, but I'm not sure how to use it? 

We are always providing new content on our social media channels to help you get started on your Huku balance board. From beginner ‘how-to videos’ to advanced tips and tricks. You will be a balance board expert in no time!


Do you make custom boards?

Building custom boards is how we started out, and when we can, we jump at the chance to build a custom deck. Please get in touch with your request and we will chat about how we get you your dream huku!


How much is International Shipping?

We offer free shipping within Ireland, the UK, Europe and the USA on all orders over €100.00


How long will I have to wait until I receive my board?

The normal turnaround time between an order being placed and shipping is between 1 - 3 days. If it takes longer, it may mean that we have sold out of that particular model and are working hard to replenish our stock. If this is the case you will be notified.