How Balance Boards can help bad posture

How Balance Boards can help bad posture

The importance of good posture

Good posture is important for any physical activity but also in our daily life. Proper posture helps to improve overall spinal health. Maintaining good posture will ensure that you keep the correct spinal alignment when sitting or standing, keeping your spine healthy. Maintaining proper postural alignment will also help you reduce the likelihood of experiencing aches and pains in your back and neck.

Did you know that bad posture can also impact digestion by putting pressure on the abdomen, leading to a slower digestive process? A hunching posture can affect our digestion, leading to problems such as heartburn.

The Prevalence of Poor Posture 

The prevalence of poor posture can often be attributed to our modern lifestyles. We spend large proportions of our days in a seated position. Many of us work in office jobs where we are seated at our desks for the working day. We also spend time sitting when driving or commuting to and from work. Our bodies are designed for regular movement. A sedentary lifestyle can weaken our glutes which are important stabilising muscles, while simultaneously tightening areas such as the hip flexors. Poor posture may go unnoticed for months or years before you notice any pain or stiffness. Many people may have bad posture without even realising it!

How to Improve Bad Posture 

We recommend seeing a doctor or physical therapist if you suspect you have bad posture, as they can put together a customised programme for your particular needs. There are some tips you can follow in the meantime that could help. Having a desk that allows you to switch between standing and sitting is generally better than just sitting. The key is keeping good posture while sitting and standing. It might not be an option in some workplaces, so it is best to speak with your employer. If you have no choice but to use a sitting desk, try to get as much movement as possible throughout the day. You would be surprised how much standing up and stretching for a few minutes every hour or so will help with stiffness. Cycling or walking to work can also help. It is good for your cardiovascular health too!

How Balance Boards can help 

Balance Boards can help to improve your posture in numerous ways. A balance board can help you target crucial muscles such as the core, which help stabilise the body in the correct position when sitting or standing. Balance Boards also help to build strength all over the body, minimising the risk of muscular imbalances. 

The Huku Lár is the perfect option for those who work in an office. You can use it at a standing desk, reducing the time spent sitting. You can strengthen your core while working! The Lár can still benefit you even if you are using a sitting desk. Jump on your board whenever you find time throughout the day!


The key to developing and maintaining good posture is to reduce your time spent in a static position and increase your movement throughout the day. It is important to ensure you keep the correct postural alignment, whether standing or sitting. Adding in some light stretching can also help with stiffness. The Huku Lár is also an excellent option, as it allows you to work on core strength and mobility while working at a standing desk. 

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