Everything you need to know about Yoga Wheels

Everything you need to know about Yoga Wheels

What are they? 

A yoga wheel is a hollow, round implement used by yogis to assist with stretching, flexibility, and releasing muscular tension. Typically, they are made of wood or plastic. Yoga wheels can be used by yogis of all levels, from beginner to advanced practitioners. Various sizes are available for different goals and needs. Yoga wheels are becoming increasingly popular as yogis are looking for something to help boost their yoga practice. Their popularity is not attributed solely to yogis though, as people of all fitness levels and interests include yoga wheels in their fitness plans.

How do Yoga Wheels help?

There are lots of benefits thaft can be gained from incorporating a yoga wheel into your exercise routine, whether you are a yoga practitioner or not. Some examples of the benefits for both yogis and non-yogis are outlined below.

Yoga wheels are a great tool to introduce to your yoga sessions. Yoga wheels can help you safely try more advanced postures. This gives you more variety in your sessions as it allows you to try asanas that you might not be comfortable performing without support from the yoga wheel.

Regular use is also great for back health! We often experience stiffness in our backs through sitting for long periods and living sedentary lifestyles. The wheel supports you during backbends, allowing you to roll the wheel up and down your spine for a full spinal massage. They can also help with enhancing flexibility by assisting with difficult stretches. The Yoga Wheel can help you go further during advanced stretches, which you may not be able to perform on your own. Improvements in flexibility and mobility also can assist with reducing the likelihood of injury.

Getting stronger is another benefit that can be gained from using a Yoga Wheel. Using the wheel to try out new poses will help build strength all over the body.

Which Yoga Wheel is best for me? 

Huku Moons Yoga Wheels are available in three different sizes to suit everyone's needs. The Large Yoga Wheel, which helps with poses and easing back stiffness, is a favourite among beginners. Our 245mm wheel, the Huku Midi Moon, is excellent for posture, strength, and mobility in general. The Huku Mini Moon is the smallest wheel we offer. It is fantastic for performing focused stretches on body parts like the shoulders. It is compact enough to keep at your desk and get the blood flowing throughout the day! Like all of our products, they are made from sustainable natural materials. 


Yoga Wheels are a versatile piece of fitness equipment. They are popular with both practitioners of yoga and those interested in fitness in general. Yoga Wheels are becoming increasingly popular as yogis are looking to spice up their yoga practice. People are also looking to add them into their routines to help with stretching and relieving aches and pains. There are various benefits to be gained from incorporating a yoga wheel into an exercise plan. They are great for giving you the confidence to try new yoga postures as they assist you throughout the movement. They also help with flexibility and mobility as they help you stretch further, which can help with injury prevention. Huku Moons Yoga Wheels are available in three sizes to suit different needs.

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