Move with Anthony Clavin of Wild Way Crossfit

Move with Anthony Clavin of Wild Way Crossfit

Anthony Clavin runs Wild Way CrossFit in Galway and is Huku’s ambassador in the West.

With his Huku Original ramping up workouts for himself and his fast-growing and dedicated client base, we had a quick chat with Anthony before he devised three workouts for you to enjoy with your own Huku Balance Board. 

How did you get into training and coaching?

I have been training all my life, from GAA to boxing, mountain running, Jujitsu and CrossFit. I now own the Wild Way CrossFit gym in Galway. I was getting injuries in my other sports, and I realised I needed something more balanced across the entire body. 

After a competition, I took a break from Jiu Jitsu for a while, and then I got into balance.

Balance became a huge thing for me.”

I started doing gymnastics, handstands, and hand balancing stuff and got deep into mountain running. Then I realised my strength and conditioning weren’t what they had been, so I got into CrossFit and loved it so much that I ended up opening a CrossFit gym in Connemara.

Tell us about Wild Way CrossFit in Galway.

Wild Way CrossFit is open for about six months, and we’re absolutely flying. We have a strong holistic ethos in our gym. We don’t give a shit about the “go hard or go home” mentality that puts people off. We concentrate on performance, recovery and personal progression. We don’t care how much you lift once you’re progressing. We want the movement to be perfect, and we want you to be safe first and foremost. Everything follows that.

A good CrossFit gym should leave you supple and with great mobility and coordination. Able to move and control your own body while maintaining good posture. 

“You’re the captain of your own ship. Balance is key.”

You need a good all-around fitness system, and CrossFit is one. If you're in a good gym, you can train every day without overexerting any part of your body. Our programme is always coach-led, and we run trail-running groups outside of the gym, which can be a really fulfilling part of the journey.

I’ve been coaching for a long time now, and I also used to run the gym and cafe at The Happy Pear. You could definitely say balance has always been something important to me throughout life, not just physically, but equally for health and well-being. I'm an outdoor enthusiast, for sure, and Ireland is the perfect jungle for exploring and staying active.

Huku Original Balance Board

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