4 benefits of balance training at work

Huku Balance Boards at work

Prolonged sitting causes a variety of health concerns, such as bad posture, which office workers are prone to. The worst news is that exercising outside work doesn't negate the effects of sitting all day. A standing desk solves this problem, but why not take it further and bring in the Huku Lár as well?

Standing instead of sitting will prevent the damaging effects of a stationary life and help with good posture. However, you won't get fit doing that all day. If your goal is a fitter body and stronger muscles, bring a balance board to work. Try out these Huku Balance Board exercises that will work your body but not disturb the office.

Here are 4 benefits of balance training at work: 

1. A Huku Balance Board forces you to stabilise your muscles

Unless you’re constantly stabilising your muscles, especially your core, you won’t be standing on your Huku Lár for long. When you use a Huku Board, your lumbopelvic region must work to keep you upright. This region is left to atrophy when you sit all day, and, as a result, you can end up with a core that struggles to carry its own weight when you begin moving around again.

2. Micro-movements are better than just standing

Standing beats sitting all day for the overall well-being of your body. If you’ve ever tried it for a prolonged period of time, though, you know, fidgeting soon sets in. Shift your weight from one side to another, and bend at your waist in different directions.

Using your Huku Lár makes it fun to stay standing while helping to strengthen your core and improve your standing posture. The micro-movements required to stay vertical are also great forms of exercise that don’t need you to stop what you’re doing and find a gym. Try it while you work at home when taking a call or having a standup meeting! 

3. Low-impact movements activate different parts of your body

The low-impact movements required to use your Huku Lár forces you to recruit muscles from all over your body. At the same time, unlike high-impact exercises, you’re not constantly risking injury. This makes low-impact activities great for people of all fitness levels and ages.

4. A Balance Board will keep you alert

Obviously, you can’t get away with snoozing while you’re on a Huku Board. However, moving throughout the day will also help you stay more alert. This is another significant advantage a Huku Lár has over using a standing desk all by itself. Even though you’re unlikely to fall asleep standing up, standing still can definitely become tiresome.

These are just a few of the many benefits your Huku Balance Board offers. You receive none of these from being seated all day, which is another reason sitting is so bad for your health

Huku Balance Board at work

Huku Lár Balance Board at work