our workshop

co. donegal, ireland

on the edge of the world

Our workshop is an old building located on the north coast of Co. Donegal, Ireland. Originally used by builders and carpenters, we took over the space in 2007 and began making skateboards, skimboards and furniture. Over the years we began to focus more on our balance trainers and more recently our yoga products.

From the workshop we can see woodland, lakes, and mountains, with the sea mear minutes away and so is the perfect setting to create our products. Woodwork has been a part of the workshop since it was first built in the 1960’s and although it is no longer used to make window frames, doors and homes, we like to think we have kept the soul of the place alive and kicking with our own creations.


For over 60 years our workshop has made all sorts of beautifully hand-crafted timber products. Having grown up in a world of making, craftsmanship was always part of our lives.

Today we have fine furniture makers, carpenters and designers in our space, all lending us their unique skills in woodwork to help create our evolving Huku range.

product design

Huku founder Cathal has worked in product design for 10 years and has created diverse consumer products for a wide range of companies in Ireland and abroad. Each product development looks at the end user requirements, from their ultimate objectives, to ease of use, materials, environmental impact and more.

cut and shape

The first part of our process involves shaping our products into the recognisable Huku shapes they are. We create soft tactiles rails for a smooth hold, and turn on rollers on a lathe for a bump free ride. An extensive sanding process ensures we achieve the best possible finish on all our products.




In 2018, we replaced our plastic vinyl branding with a screen-printing finish using water based inks. Each and every board is screen printed by hand giving a unique finish to each of our products. Blue or green? We've been asked this a couple of times, and whilst we're happy for you to call us what you want, we've settled for Huku Blue. Our brand colour celebrates our innate connection to the waves :)

outer coating

just what the milkman ordered

We use recycled milk carton packaging on all our orders. Perfectly fitting for your doorstep delivery.


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