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Roll into Fitness in 2020

It’s not too late to get started on your 2020 fitness plans. The days are getting longer, buds are sprouting and it’s the perfect time to stretch yourself, just like these lovely evenings, with the addition of some Huku Balance to your fitness routine.     

Whether you’re a total novice or a seasoned workout worshipper it’s always important to remember to build up your routines gradually and add in a little bit of a challenge as you progress.

As Anthony Clavin says, personal progression is key. “We don’t care how much you lift once you’re progressing. We want the movement to be perfect and we want you to be safe first and foremost, everything follows that.”

Ben Hunt of Ben Hunt Sport Injury Clinic is an injury prevention specialist and he agrees with Anthony that progression and regression is important, adaptability of exercises is key to suit each individual’s ability, and Huku Balance boards are perfect for beginners: “The Huku balance boards are very accessible, and there are a range of applications from simple balance work, core work, resistance training and more. These exercises can be regressed or progressed to make them easier or more challenging depending on individual ability. The Corefit board is the most accessible and is a great starting point for even complete beginners.”

We also believe in the importance of accompanying your usual workouts with a healthy dose of the great outdoors and taking a few moments of mindfulness throughout your day too. Our friend and collaborator Moons has much to say about this: “We need to find balance. Drawing ourselves into the more restful, relaxed, aware state will help us cope with life's demands and thus, bring us back into balance.”

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