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Moons Yoga Loft is a beautiful boutique movement and meditation space just off Newtownpark Avenue in Blackrock in Dublin which opened in January this year. Though it has opened relatively recently it has already built the most magic community and has now over 10 yogis teaching 7 days a week.

Sinead Mooney, aka Moons, background was working as a TV Producer for over 10 years but after finally conceding that although she was good at it... it wasn't necessarily good for her. Fuelled by that passion she wanted to spread the very accessible good word of Yoga to the people! 

where did your interest in balance, movement and strength come from?

With the first product we have just launched in the mobility range, I really wanted to tackle the back issues a lot of us suffer with. These are a direct response to the over flexion of our daily lives. All day long most of us lean over keyboards, steering wheels or miniature humans and quite frankly, again, we NEED to counteract that. That is where the HuKu Moons Mobility Wheel comes in!

so how did the Huku x Moons partnership kickstart?

Once I met Cathal from Huku and fell in love with the craftsmanship and ethos of his brand, I saw the potential to marry both our passions to create many beautiful, sustainable, waste-free and functional creations (pst - you might like, our sustainability framework)

The three wheels we have created will all help encourage more extension into your spine, they will help release the back by counteracting the forward fold nature of our modern lives. They are fantastic for building strength and also provide great stability for inversions or progressing your yoga practice.

These are the basic uses of these beautiful pieces, but as they are so carefully designed - they act as a piece of functional art in the home. Gone are the days of hiding a plastic foam roller under the couch! These stand proudly on my shelf at home and in my studio where most people mistake them for sculpture.

full moon, midi moon, mini moon

The Huku Full Moons Mobility Wheel is designed to enhance practice and deep back stretches. The Huku Midi Moons Mobility Wheel is perfect for exploring your balance and helps improve all round posture and strength. Being desk-bound from 9-5 does a whole lotta damage to your back and shoulders so the Huku Mini Moons Mobility Wheel allows for targeted stretching, as well as ironing out those knots and releasing tension.

what did you enjoy most about developing the Huku Moons?

It was so lovely to refine and refine until we were all 100% happy with the look, function and sustainability of these products. Having a fun day at the studio with some Yogi friends getting to play and experience real time (happy) feedback was the ultimate reward and I just can't wait to have it in people's homes now.

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