Huku Ulu

Huku Ulu

The Huku Ulu (which means 'to grow' in Hawaiian) is our first board designed for children from 6 years right up to 60+. The Huku Ulu has a fantastic puzzle maze integrated onto the platform of the deck.



Not only is the Huku Ulu a fantastic game for children, but it also helps your child develop core strength, coordination, proprioception and problem-solving.

On the surface of the Huku Ulu, there is a puzzle game that consists of 5 concentric circles and 5 Beechwood balls. The aim of the game is to move one of the beechwood balls from the outer circle all the way into the centre circle!

Like all Huku products, the Ulu is made of the highest quality materials. Our Birch plywood is harvested from slow-grown Baltic FSC forestries. The slower the growth cycle, the stronger the wood!

The Huku Ulu is finished to an equally high standard using our water-based lacquer to give it the perfect natural finish.


Huku Ulu Wobble Board for Kids


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